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What Subjects Are On The MCAT Exam ?

One of the ways to prepare your MCAT exam is by learning what subjects are on the MCAT exam which will be tested. Actually, there are several subjects which will be tested on MCAT exam. To make sure that you are studying the right subject, it is better to read this explanation first.

What Subjects Are On The MCAT Exam?

What Subjects Are On The MCAT Exam?

Chemical and Biology Subjects

In the first section of MCAT exam, you have to answer the questions from chemical and biology subjects. At least, there will be 5 different topics will be answered on this section. For example, there will be questions from biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. In specific, you have to answer around 59 questions from these subjects. Moreover, it is better to manage your time in the right way. In the first section, you have to finish the questions around 95 minutes. Then, you have time to break around 10 minutes before continuing to the next section.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

This section is a challenging section for those who love reading and writing. In fact, this is non-science section. What you have to do is reading the passage first. Just make sure that you are understands the passage given on this section. Then, your job is to answer the questions and the answer can be found in the passage. The challenging part is that there will be around 59 questions you have to answer. You have to read around 500 up to 600 words per passage. Furthermore, you only have time around 90 minutes to finish this section. Then, you have break for 30 minutes and you can take lunch.

Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

This is the same with the previous section in which you have to finish around 59 questions. The questions are coming from four different topics. Those are biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. You have to answer those 59 questions in 95 minutes. Again, you will get 10 minutes for break.  

Physical, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

In the last section, you still have to answer around 59 questions. The questions are coming from 3 different topics. Those are psychology, sociology, and biology. You have to do this section well because you only have 95 minutes to finish and answer the questions well.    

Overall, you need to prepare your body and mind because you have to spend around 6 hours when you are following MCAT exam. So, are you ready for your exam?