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What Is The MCAT ( The Medical College Admission Test ) Mean ?

What Is The MCAT ( The Medical College Admission Test ) Mean ?

What is the MCAT ( The Medical College Admission Test ) mean ? Every student who want to get into medical school should really understand everything about this test. Generally MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is a standardized examination for potential medical school students in Australia, Canada, and the United States of America. Since 27 January 2007, the MCAT has been conducted in computer – based system. The test is designed to assess critical thinking, solving-problem, and the potential students’ knowledge of scientific principles and concepts.

A lot of potentials students who are applying to medical school always think that MCAT is the most challenging test. It happens due to the history of the test and of course the difficulties to pass it. To help you getting the whole idea of MCAT, you have to know a little bit more about the history.

What Is The MCAT ( The Medical College Admission Test ) Mean

MCAT History

This medical test was first conducted to assess students who were applying to medical schools in the US in around 1928 – 1946. The test was initiated by F.A. Moss and his college that was called “Scholastic Aptitude Tes for Medical Students” or at that moment it was also known as “The Moss Test”. The was quite challenging. It consisted of multiple choice and true-false questions to asses the students’ visual memory, knowledge of scientific aspects, logical reasoning, and premedical information. The Moss Test reduced up to 20% of medical students at that moment.

The test has been gradually changing start from the end of 1946. The improvement of technology in medical world affects the test material. Up to around 1977 – 1991 the test has already known as MCAT where some other general knowledge like science problems, biology, and chemistry. The test material then improved in 2007 where technology became one of the most important materials, not only for the test material but also to conduct the test. Therefore, when people ask what is the MCAT ( The Medical College Admission Test ) mean ? Today a lot of people simply a computer based test to assess potential students in med school.

MCAT Content

So, what is the content of MCAT? The prior test content is the physical science that is composed in 52 multiple choice questions that are related to general physics and chemistry. The next section is the verbal reasoning that consists of 40 multiple choice questions. Start from 2013 the test has been improved with some psychological and sociological section that is known as the trial section. Until today, this part is not considered to decide the test result.


Indeed, MCAT is one of the most important step to get into medical school for any students. However, as potential students, you don’t have you worry too much. Just simply understand what is the MCAT ( The Medical College Admission Test ) mean ? And take the right practice, you will be able to pass the test.