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What Is Average MCAT Scores For Med School ?

What Is Average MCAT Scores For Med School ?

What is average MCAT scores for med school? It can be a little bit difficult to answer. The score of MCAT in one college to another college even in one country can be different. Before knowing more about the average score, you have to first know the scoring system.

What Is Average MCAT Scores For Med School ?

MCAT scoring

The scoring system is built based on the calculation of the MCAT every section. From the three multiple choice sections give you a score range in between 1 to 15. Yes, the test is scored with numerical grade from each section that is accumulated. The maximum score a student can get from MCAT is 45. The AAMC released the information about the average score of MCAT in the US medical schools. In 2008 the average score of the applicants is 28.


To get the score as highest as possible, you not only rely on the preparation. You also have to understand the policy well. It will help you fulfilling every requirement of the test. During the test time you will be assessed in several aspect of scientifical knowledge. It takes particular times to finish each section. There will always be some break time in between test section where you have to take a break.

During the test it is prohibited for the applicants to use any electronic device like calculator, cell phone, and even timer. The testy is also not allowed to take anything except their test ID. You may be allowed to wear some jacket or sweater, but you cannot take it off during te test. It is not suggested for to break any MCAT policy, unless you want to get disqualified. So, when will you know what is average MCAT scores for med school? You have to wait until approximately 35 days after the test.

Learn through some preparation

To help you getting the best score, it will be the best for you to learn more through the MCAT preparation. The AAMC allows the applicants to access some MCAT preparation through some websites. You can also read some MCAT preparation books and gets the sample test on your college target sites.


It is not all about the average score of MCAT when you take the test. It is suggested for you to focus on the minimal score of your targeted college. Although the average MCAT score, 28, is not too high, you cannot just rely on this score. Instead of focusing on the question of what is average MCAT scores for med school? It will be much better to drag your attention to the preparation.