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What Is a Good MCAT Score ?

What Is a Good MCAT Score ?

What is a good MCAT score ? It is basically the test score that allows to get into medical school in college after passing the MCAT. The MCAT is the Medical College Admission Test that will assess potential students who apply to medical school. Nowadays all medical school in Canada, the United States, and Australia apply computer based MCAT to the potential students. This test will assess the potential students’ knowledge of physical and biological science, besides the verbal reasoning and writing skill assessment. Start from 2015, MCAT also included behaviour test to assess the potential students’ social, biological, and psychological foundations. The test takes approximately 7.5 hours for the whole sections and cover all materials. No wonder, it put the applicants in high pressure condition.

Knowing The Scoring System

What Is a Good MCAT Score ?

The scoring system is drawn through accumulating the test score in every section of the test. There are three multiple choice test sections with score range in between 1 to 15 points. The maximum score of MCAT is 45. In fact, some people are able to achieve this maximum score in 2015. Different from some other kind of test that gets you penalty for wrong answer in each number. There is still a tiny chance for you to answer each multiple choice correctly even if you do not exactly the right answer is. So, what is a good MCAT score ? You have to basically get higher score than the average score. The average MCAT score is 28. It keeps on the same level, without too much changes, from 2008 to 2015. Though most people know get over 30 and some even pretty lucky to get in between 42 to 45. It is indeed the best achievement you can put on your target.

Following the test time table

There will be always some time to break in between each sections. Indeed, you have to really take a break. You have to relax and stop wondering about the next questions that may come up. The MCAT has a time table that will support your brain to think at its best level. The time table also gives your body some time to relax and you psychological condition to relax.

Obey the policy

The policy of the MCAT is pretty strict. You cannot break any rule. It is even very suggested for you to obey each policy well. It will help you getting ready for the test.


So, what is a good MCAT score ? It is the score in between 42 to a perfect 45. The bottom line is that it’s not easy to get the good score. However, you can still get the good score when you prepare everything well.