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What Are MCAT Requirements ?

What Are MCAT Requirements ?

The Most Important Things to Help You Passing the Test

What are MCAT requirements ? There are a lot of requirements that you have to understand. The requirements are even the most important factors to support you passing the test. In general, the requirements of MCAT are similar from one country to another country. There are several updated requirements in 2016.

The Things Must Be Noted!

What Are MCAT Requirements

To get into the medical schools, you have to make sure that your MCAT score have to at least meet the minimum passing grade. There are at least two things you have to keep n your mind. First, you can use your current MCAT score, as long as it meets the minimum passing grade for the cycle opening that began in July 2015 and will be closed at 1 July 2016. Make sure your MCAT result is no longer than 5 years. Second, there will be new testing format for the July 1, 2016 opening cycle. So, you have to take the current MCAT that has been adjusted from the older testing format.

Requirements for the residents of New Burnswick, Prince Edward, and Nova Scotia

For you who come from those three area, the general requirements are still applied. Only there are several things you have to fulfill. Like, the minimum MCAT score is 24 with maximum one section less than 7. For the 2015 MCAT the total minimum score is 499. You can have only one section with 125 score. You are considered not eligible when you get less than 124 for any section and more than one section with 124 score.

Requirements for other Canadian area and any international students

what are MCAT requirements ? Especially for international students and students from other area of Canada? The current MCAT minimum score is 30 with only one section gets 9 points. While the 2015 MCAT gets you higher requirements. The minimum total score is 503 and the applicants can have only 125 scores only for one section as long as your score still meets the minimum passing grade. You cannot get more than two scores of 125. It will make you not eligible to get into medical schools.

The eligibility of the scores

The MCAT score is eligible for 5 years. However, start from July 1, 2016 there will be new requirements for the test. There might be new testing format . To pass the next MCAT you have to keep monitoring the current informations.


The requirements are still applied until the last cycle. However, you have to keep updating the current information and keep asking what are MCAT requirements ? To some reliable sources to guide you.